(WICC) Waterbury Islamic Cultural Center has connections with few different Funeral Homes Luddy& Pererson’s Funeral Home in New Britain & Casey Funeral Home in Waterbury to use their facility and services to fulfill the rites of Muslim funerals. Funeral home will handle all funeral arrangements, including working with the authorities to release the body, filing and obtaining the
death certificate, transporting the body to their facility for washing, WICC will provide all the supplies needed for wash and prepare the body for burial, coordinating with the cemetery, and transporting the body to the cemetery for burial.
1. Inform Masjid Assalam (WICC) 130-Scott Road Waterbury, CT by visiting the Masjid or send email to Sheikh Ashraf Ibrahim “”
2. Contact Your appropriate Funeral Home for Services, Collect & release the Decease, Issuing Death Certificate, Notified Cemetery to dig grave in your preferred Cemetery.
3.The Deceased family, Masjid Assalam & Funeral Home set time for burial.
4. Body Washed & Prepared for Burial with or without help of WICC Funeral volunteers.
5. Performing Janazah Prayer at Masjid Assalam – 130 Scott Road, Waterbury.
6. Body is transported to the cemetery for burial.
There are 2 fees associated with the Funeral: One funeral home fee for the above services and 2nd is Cemetery Fee for the grave